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We kept it simple and understandable with our name, The Cleaning Experts. We don’t just call ourselves the cleaning experts.We are the cleaning experts because we know carpet cleaning like the back of our hand. We proudly serve the residents of Detroit, Michigan and its surroundings. We have always worked hard to become your favorite carpet cleaners in Detroit, Michigan. To do that we have picked the most professional, experienced and friendly carpet cleaners as our proud team players. We are your best option when you want professional and honest carpet cleaning at competitive rates.


We want our name to become synonymous with professional carpet cleaning. At the same time, we want people to take carpet cleaning as seriously as they take the security of their house. Unclean carpets can carry thousands and millions of germs in them. These germs along with dirt can cause various health related issues, and can be even more dangerous to someone with allergies, asthma etc.

With our competitive prices and top of the line services from experienced Detroit carpet cleaners, we want people to feel easy getting professional cleaning done. They should not see it as a hassle but a convenience for them and their families.

At The Cleaning Experts, we do our best to provide the best of our services and commitment to our customers so they can have trust in this industry. There are so-called professional Detroit carpet cleaners that don’t have the right equipment, expertise and professionals to deliver satisfying cleaning services. Some would even misinform their customers e.g. call hot water cleaning steam cleaning. With our efforts and hard work, we want to win our customers’ trust in professional carpet cleaning.


Our mission is to clean your carpet so well that you could tell your friends you bought a new one.

We understand that having a big vision is not everything. You have to do something in order to achieve what you have envisioned, and we are doing just that. We incorporate the best businesses practices to have a very friendly yet professional relationship with our customers.

Our customers are treated respectfully over the phone and even when the workers are working at their homes. We understand that moving the stuff around for carpet cleaning can be bothersome. We guide our customers on how they can clean the area for carpet cleaning.

Our Detroit carpet cleaners are fully wary of their surroundings while working. They take care of your furniture and any other items in the room. Our latest and high-tech equipment ensures accurate and effective cleaning of your carpets without taking too much time.


Our Services Are Residential and Commercial

With a proper carpet cleaning setup in place, we are proud to tell you that we can provide effective carpet cleaning for residential and commercial settings the same.

We Use the Best Methods

We use the best methods available for carpet cleaning to ensure in-depth cleaning, killing of the germs and a fresh new look to every fiber of the carpet. We prefer the steam cleaning method for carpet cleaning – the most effective method.

Our Prices Are the Best

The Cleaning Experts takes pride in offering industry leading carpet cleaning services at the most reasonable rates. Our competitive rates are only for the best of our customers – there is never a compromise on quality.


The Cleaning Experts

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