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Carpet cleaning is more important than most individuals imagine it to be. Home and residential carpet cleaning services are not an option, but a necessity because they are associated not only with the aesthetics of your interior but also the precious health of your family members or customers. At The Cleaning Experts, we are the answer to all your carpet related issues. Based in Southfield, we provide both home and commercial carpet cleaning services to the entire Detroit-metro region.

Whether your carpet looks stale and faded due to its age, has a huge stain on it due to some spill accident or contains odors from your pets, we have the expertise, the equipment, the knowledge and most importantly the experience to make your carpet look like new again with carpet cleaning services for home and office in Detroit, Southfield or surrounding communities.


We are The Cleaning Experts, providing the most reliable and friendly Detroit carpet cleaning services for homes and offices in the metro area. We use state of the art equipment for professional carpet cleaning and bring maximum satisfaction to our customers with our flawless services.


We use the most effective and industry standard carpet cleaning methods to ensure your carpets are not just free of dirt but allergens and the most stubborn stains too. We offer competitive prices for our services and beat our competitors when it comes to performance and reliability.


We provide professional carpet cleaning in Detroit, Michigan. We use the most recognized carpet cleaning methods and environmental friendly substances when it comes to cleaning. We extend our carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial settings.


Based in Southfield, We are the metro-Detroit Carpet Cleaning Professionals You Will Always Come Back To

We are proud at the fact that our customers find the most value for their money in our services. This is because we are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

Hiring the right carpet cleaning professionals can be a daunting task for individuals. Every company makes big claims but only a handful of those prove true to their words. The Cleaning Experts don’t make false promises. We know what we can deliver. More importantly, we know what the needs of our customers are. Carpets are not cheap and just like your clothes, when they get dirty, they should be cleaned. However, regular cleaning at home is only good enough to get rid of the dirt on the surface of the carpet. The dust, grit, germs and allergens that have made their place deep into carpet fibers don’t budge with vacuuming. That’s where our Detroit carpet cleaning experts come in, we are your best choice for a quality job at home or the office.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We provide deep carpet cleaning to residential settings because regular vacuuming of a carpet is still not enough to get rid of many harmful agents and the stubborn stains. Our prices are competitive and we keep in mind the convenience of our customers while performing residential carpet cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We own state of the art equipment to deliver fresh, clean, fragrant and more importantly dry carpets to our customers with commercial setups. We can perform fast carpet cleaning and shorter drying times so you can host urgent and upcoming events with the peace of mind.

Residential and Commercial Spot Cleaning

You might not need your entire carpet to be cleaned at times. Maybe you just had it professionally cleaned and someone spilled wine, tea or coffee on it. This calls for a spot cleaning job from professionals. Doing it yourself could destroy carpet fibers or cause discoloration.

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